AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 SDK: What's New

AutoCAD Map 3D SDK

AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 SDK: What's New

What's new or changed since the previous release.

Geospatial Platform API Promoted from Preview to Production

Likewise its documentation:

Title File Name
AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform Developer's Guide
AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform Reference sdk.gis.platform.ref.chm
AutoCAD Map 3D Geospatial Platform Supplement Reference sdk.gis.platform.supplement.ref.chm

The Geospatial Platform API is exposed as .NET only. It covers the following areas of functionality:

  • Resource Service
  • Feature Service
  • Mapping Service

New Documentation

AutoCAD Map 3D SDK Help, sdk.doc.main.chm, includes two new documentation components.

Title File Name
AutoCAD Map 3D Developer Samples sdk.samples.chm

AutoCAD Map 3D SDK Help and its component Help files are installed in the Docs folder of SDK installations. So long as these files reside in the same folder, all component Help content is available on the Contents tab of AutoCAD Map 3D SDK Help when you open it.

New Sample Projects


Other Changes

The Geospatial Platform API is now more consistent and more efficient. Changes include

  • Bridging gaps in the area of interoperating between CAD entities and FDO features. Specifically, we have added methods to AcMapFeatureEntityService to improve support for applications working with the AutoCAD and Geospatial Platform APIs to manage AutoCAD selection sets, checked entities, and FDO features.
  • Adding AcMapMap.SetViewScale, which zooms the map to a given scale, to complement the existing AcMapMap.GetViewScale, which merely reports the scale.
  • Renaming AcMapApiMgd.dll to Autodesk.Map.Platform.dll to comply with .NET naming conventions.
  • Enhancing events to include <ResourceName><OperationName>Canceled events corresponding to <ResourceName>ToBe<OperationName> events. (By <OperationName> we mean operations like Added, Modified, Updated, and so on.) With these events added, applications that do bookkeeping while an operation proceeds can roll back their bookkeeping if the operation fails.
  • Adding an MgFeatureQueryOptions parameter to AcMapLayer.SaveFeatureChanges so an application can commit a subset of features that are modified instead of all.
  • Adding AcMapLayer.GetLockedFeatures to be consistent with what is in FeatureService and with the ability of applications to use lock and unlock commands with the UpdateFeatures method.
  • Removing direct instantiation of AcMapLayer and introducing a static AcMapLayer.Create method, which lets applications return the correct type of layer (vector or grid) depending on the type of layer definition the new layer is based on. And besides, with AcMapLayer.Create, you can write cleaner, more easily maintained code.