Managing drawing sets

AutoCAD Map 3D ActiveX

Managing drawing sets

DrawingSet collections contain the attached drawings of projects. You attach drawings to a project by calling the DrawingSet.Add function, as follows:

Dim atdr As AttachedDrawing

Dim amap As AcadMap


Set amap = ThisDrawing.Application. _


Set atdr = map.Projects(ThisDrawing).DrawingSet.Add("C:\\campus.dwg")

Using the GetTableList function of the DrawingSet, you can access AutoCAD symbol tables. You can get names of layers, line types, blocks, object data tables, and other symbol tables in a drawing.

The DrawingSet provides the frequently-used zoom extents feature.

boolVal = map.Projects(ThisDrawing).DrawingSet.ZoomExtents

The DrawingSet.Extents method gets extents of the drawing, which can define a query window, as shown in the following example.

Dim wind As WindowBound

Dim dblary As Variant


'Get DWG Extents

dblary = prj.DrawingSet.Item("MAPTUT:\\citymap7.dwg").Extents


'Define Boundary Area for Location

Set mapu = map.Projects(ThisDrawing).MapUtil

Set wind = mapu.NewWindow( _

mapu.NewPoint3d(dblary(0), dblary(1), 0), _ 

mapu.NewPoint3d(dblary(2), dblary(3), 0)) 

Through the AttachedDrawing objects in the DrawingSet collection, you activate and nest drawings, transform and save back drawing objects, and get information on a drawing, such as its alias or locked status.