Getting Started Introduction

AutoCAD Land Desktop ActiveX & VBA

Getting Started Introduction


The ActiveX Object Model for AutoCAD Land Desktop is an ActiveX and VBA interface that enables developers to create dynamic and powerful applications. This guide describes the concept of exposing objects through an ActiveX interface and programming those objects using various languages including the Visual Basic for Applications programming environment.

The section “Getting Started” covers the example code found in the help reference and the sample applications that are installed with the ActiveX Object Model. Refer to the section “Understanding the ActiveX Object Model” for specific information on features of AutoCAD Land Desktop that can be accessed through the ActiveX Object Model. In the section “Programming Guidelines” there are tips and recommendations for developing applications using various programming languages and development environments.

If you are new to the Visual Basic for Applications programming environment or AutoCAD ActiveX technology, please refer to the AutoCAD ActiveX and VBA Developer's Guide before using this guide.

Topics in this Section: