Feature Editing

AutoCAD Land Desktop

Feature Editing

Editing Geospatial Features

AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 allows you to edit geospatial features either with the usual geospatial editing commands (such as MAPFEATUREEDIT) or with AutoCAD editing commands (such as PEDIT). Use the Feature Editing Options dialog box to select your preferred editing options. Select “Check out features as AutoCAD drawing objects” to edit your features using AutoCAD editing commands. Select “Check out features as Geospatial features” to edit your features using geospatial editing commands.

Cycling Through Grip Edit Commands on FDO Features

If you use the space bar to cycle through grip edit commands when editing FDO featurs, AutoCAD Map 3D may quit unexpectedly. To work around this issue, do not cycle through grip edit commands using the space bar past the MIRROR command. Press Escape to cancel the command, then repeat your grip editing sequence. You can also use editing commands directly rather than as subcommands in the grip-edit sequence.

Cycling through grip edit commands works as expected on AutoCAD drawing objects.

Buffering Features With No Identity Property

Buffering a feature from a layer that has no identity property will cause AutoCAD Map 3D to quit unexpectedly. To work around this issue, do one of the following:

  • Open the data source and find the layer that does not include an identity property. Enter an identity property for that layer.
  • Create a copy of the layer (using Bulk Copy, for example). The new copy of the layer should include an autogenerated identity property. Buffer the feature on your new layer.