All Messages


All Messages

When you profile an application, the Profiler Log window is populated with all of the captured events. These events are listed as a series of execution timings (in milliseconds). The All Messages tab shows the combined output of the SQL Log Tab and Error Log Tab in a summary format.

The All Messages tab consists of the following values/columns:



Time Stamp

Time at which the query was executed.

Message Type

Indicates whether the query returned SQL or an Error Message.

Process ID

The ID of the ACT! application.


IP address of the machine on which the error occurred.


Displays the text of the SQL or Error Message.

Captured Error statements are highlighted in red.

Additional features

  • You can clear the grid by right-clicking on the grid, and then selecting Clear from the pop-up menu.

  • You can reset the timestamp by right-clicking on the grid, and then selecting Reset Timestamp. This gives a timestamp of 0.0000 to the next SQL statement that is captured.

  • You can copy the content of the grid by right-clicking on the grid, and then selecting Copy. This allows you to paste the contents of the grid into Excel or a text editor in a tab separated format. In Excel, the columns are automatically separated for you, including column headings.

  • If you want to ‘pause’ the capturing of the SQL statements, click the Pause Profiling button on the toolbar. When you want to resume, click the button again.

  • You can filter which SQL statements are captured by using a filter through the use of regular expressions. This is a non-destructive filter so the information is not lost.

The following filter variables are available on the All Messages tab

Numeric type:

  • timestamp

  • processid

String type:

  • messagetype

  • message

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