eSignal EFS



This help file is intended as a reference for eSignal EFS. It is a compilation of the various help documents and messages found up on the eSignal Central site and all functions and operations have been cross-referenced to the extent possible. Most, if not all, available functions have been included in this help file and many contain snippets of code for example usage. I will continue to expand on the help text for each entry as I have time. If you spot any errors or missing items, please let me know.


Please note that some functions are only available in more recent releases of eSignal so always be sure that you have the latest available eSignal release installed on your computer.


You will get the best usage out of it if you build the help index (the Find tab) when you use the Help file for the first time. That way you can seach by function name or use the Contents/Index to do the lookup, whichever works better for you.


Chris Kryza

Divergence Software, Inc.

[email protected]


Current as of: 12/20/2004