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DTS Run UI Help

DTS Run UI Help

Select Package

Use this dialog box to select among Data Transformation Services (DTS) package versions saved to a structured storage file or to SQL Server.

Selecting a Package Version Saved to a Structured Storage File

When you open a package saved to a structured storage file, if more than one package or package version is contained in the file, the Select Package dialog box appears. The dialog box contains a tree view of a package version history:

  • At the top node, a text file icon and accompanying label indicates the storage location for the package.

  • Package nodes are shown beneath the top node. Each of these nodes represents a different package. There can be multiple package nodes listed under a file, if different packages were saved under the same file name.

  • Version nodes with dates, indicating the complete version history of a package, are displayed beneath a package node.

Double-clicking a package icon loads the latest version of that package version. Double-clicking a version icon loads that specific package version.

Selecting a Package Version Saved to SQL Server

The Select Package dialog box appears when you attempt to load a package saved in multiple versions to SQL Server. As with structured storage files that have multiple versions, a tree view of the package history is displayed for selection. However, only versions for a single package are displayed. You do not save multiple packages to a single file as you do with structured storage files.

Expand a package icon to view its version history, then double-click on the package icon to load the latest version of the package, or click on a specific version to load that version.

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