Desktop Engine Windows Installer Return Codes

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Distributing SQL Server Applications

Desktop Engine Windows Installer Return Codes

The Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000 Desktop Engine Windows Installer components can generate a set of integer return codes. All of the methods for installing the Desktop Engine will eventually use the Windows Installer service. Even the Desktop Engine Setup program uses the Windows Installer server. Any Desktop Engine Setup can therefore generate any of the standard Windows Installer return codes, or error codes. For more information about the Windows Installer error codes, see the MSDN Library at Microsoft Web site. If a Desktop Engine Setup process does not include a callback function, Windows Installer will return only one of two return codes. It returns 0 if the installation is successful, and 1603 if any error is encountered. You must include a callback function in your setup before Windows Installer will return any other return codes.

These return codes specific to the Desktop Engine are returned only if you have specified a Desktop Engine Windows Installer callback function.

Return Code #define Label
Message Text
50035 ERROR_CHARS_NOT_SUPPORTED The text specified contains characters not supported on the Windows code page.
50043 ERROR_DUP_INSTANCE_NAME An installation with the same instance name already exists.
50047 ERROR_INVALID_INSTNAME_SYNTAX Instance names can contain from 1-16 characters, and must follow the rules of SQL Server non-delimited identifiers.
60001 ERROR_CONFIGURE_SERVER_FAILURE ConfigServer is failed.
60002 ERROR_INSTALL_CATALOG_STP_FAILURE InstallCatalogSTP is failed.
60003 ERROR_INSTALL_DTC_FAILURE InstallDTC is failed.
60004 ERROR_INSTALL_PERFMON_FAILURE InstallPerfmon is failed.
60007 ERROR_OVER_MAX_INSTANCES The number of instances is over the maximum (16) in PickInstanceComponentSet.
60009 ERROR_UPGRADE_FAILURE UpgradeDatabases is failed.