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codec_para_t Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

 codec device handler
CODEC_HANDLE cntl_handle
 video control device handler
CODEC_HANDLE sub_handle
 subtile device handler
CODEC_HANDLE audio_utils_handle
 audio utils handler
stream_type_t stream_type
 stream type(es, ps, rm, ts)
unsigned int has_video: 1
 stream has video(1) or not(0)
unsigned int has_audio: 1
 stream has audio(1) or not(0)
unsigned int has_sub: 1
 stream has subtitle(1) or not(0)
unsigned int noblock: 1
 codec device is NONBLOCK(1) or not(0)
int video_type
 stream video type(H264, VC1...)
int audio_type
 stream audio type(PCM, WMA...)
int sub_type
 stream subtitle type(TXT, SSA...)
int video_pid
 stream video pid
int audio_pid
 stream audio pid
int sub_pid
 stream subtitle pid
int audio_channels
 stream audio channel number
int audio_samplerate
 steram audio sample rate
int vbuf_size
 video buffer size of codec device
int abuf_size
 audio buffer size of codec device
dec_sysinfo_t am_sysinfo
 system information for video
audio_info_t audio_info
 audio information pass to audiodsp
int packet_size
 data size per packet
int avsync_threshold
 for adec in ms>
void * adec_priv
 for adec>
int SessionID
int dspdec_not_supported
int switch_audio_flag
int automute_flag

Detailed Description

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