Greetings and thanks to:

  • d’b for our continuous discussions of compression techniques :)
  • TAD for all the great ideas and the good discussions
  • The people who made the Epsilon Compression Page
  • Pasi ‘Albert’ Ojala for his info on PuCrunch
  • RIT Research Labs for making Dos Navigator .. it’s the BEST!
  • LiuTaoTao for making TR .. one of the best debuggers around!
  • Eugene Suslikov (SEN) for making HIEW .. it ROCKS!
  • Oleg for his work on the TMT Pascal code
  • Veit Kannegieser for his work on the VPascal code
  • METALBRAIN for his work on the 16bit depackers
  • Gautier for his work on the Ada code
  • Alexey Solodovnikov for his work on the Delphi code
  • Steve Hutchesson for his work on the MASM32 code
  • Agner Fog for objconv and his great info on calling conventions
  • All other people who make good software freely available for non-commercial use!

A special thanks to the beta-testers:

  • x-otic (thx mate ;)
  • Oleg Prokhorov (great optimisations and bug reports!)
  • Lawrence E. Boothby
  • METALBRAIN (believe in miracles, my friend ;)
  • eL PuSHeR
  • Elli
  • Veit Kannegieser
  • Gautier