Setup Players

WOT Statistics

Setup Players


1. Click Setup button on common toolbar and you should get a screen like the one below:




2. Click Players and then click Add button





3. Pop-up will appear





4. Click Browse button to select a dossier file


Copy respective path (depending on your Windows version), paste it into File Name filed and press Enter.



Window XPWindows 7
Path: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Application Data\\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cachePath: %APPDATA%\\WorldOfTanks\dossier_cache


This will display existing dossier files as seen on right hand picture above.


5. Select one dossier file

When you select dossier file, player's nickname will be displayed in Player ID field:




Note: You can track statistics of multiple players. The only requirement is that you acquire their dossier file (whether they send it to you by email; they upload it to some FTP site; or they log in to WoT game on your computer).


Please have in mind you would need to acquire your friend's subsequent dossier file to track their progress over time.


6. Check "Get Shared File" checkbox if you want to retrieve particular player's dossier file from Shared Folder site. Read more: Dossier File Sharing



7. Click Save button to save a player


Once you are done, all players should be listed in Players section: