Commandline options in VirtualDubMod 1.5.x


Here is a list of commandline options you can use when launching VirtualDubMod.

First of all options coming from VirtualDub :

Option Comment
/s"ScriptFile.vcf" Execute the specified script file.
/c Clear the job list.
/p"srcfile","dstfile" Add file batch process to job list.
/b"srcdir","dstdir" Add directory batch process to job list.
/r Run the job list.
/x Exit when jobs complete.
/h Disable the crash handler.
/w Set the global g_fWine flag to true, which make some display function behave differently.
Maybe fix some issues when running the program under Wine ...
/fsck Make VirtualDub crash (to test the crash handler).

Note that when specifying file or directories to process there are no spaces between the switch and the name specified between quotes.

Now options added in VirtualDubMod :

Option Comment
/log Generates the vdenc.log log file when recompressing video.
Each line give information about a frame (first number gives the kind of frame - 1 for keyframe, 0 for others -, the second number give the size of the compressed frame.
/log"LogFile.log" With this one you can specify where will be written the log file.
/nowrite This one prevents VirtualDubMod from actually writing the video data in the output file.

the log and nowrite options have been proposed and added by jonny, author of DivX5Enc.