Saving, Loading and Copying


Saving, Loading and Copying

Saving and Loading Scan Results

The Save menu item in the File menu includes several ways to save output from a VMMap scan. The Save dialog has options for the following output format:

  • .MMP This is the native VMMap file format. Use this format if you want to load the output back into the VMMap display.

  • .CSV This is comma-seperated value output, which is ideal for generating output that you can easily import into Excel.

  • .TXT This format is ideal for sharing the text form of scan results in a readable form.

Note that a saved .MMP file includes the two most recent snapshots, enabling you to view differences with the Refresh Shows Changes option when you load the file back into VMMap.



The Edit menu includes two selections for copying output to the clipboard

  • Copy Address This menu item copies just the address of the currently selected line in the Details View.

  • Copy All This copies the text from the display, including the process name and ID, Summary View and Details View.