Switch Off

Switch Off

Automatic shutdown utility

Web interface

Web interface allows you remotely control this utility. You can control this utility from any computer withbrowser installed, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Also you can control this utility using your Mobile phone's WAP browser.

The following steps describes how to enable and use web interface:

  • First you should enable it. Check Enable web interface option in Options dialog.
  • Next, launch Web browser on any computer connected to computer on which Switch Off installed. Computers could be connected through your local area network or through the internet.
  • In address field type name or IP address of your computer with port number selected in Options dialog of Switch Off utility installed.Default port number is 8000.
    Example: or http://computer-name:8000/
  • You can customize page displayed in web browser when you connect to computer with Switch Off utility.
    To do this you should edit index.htm and/or other files located in program-dir\pub\ directory with any html editor or manually (HTML knowledge is required).

Also you can use web interface as mini HTTP server. Root directory for this server is program-dir\pub\
Note: Mini HTTP server supports html, htm, wml, gif files. Support for other files will be added in later versions.

WAP support

WAP protocol support allows you control your computer using your Mobile phone.

To use this feature you should have:

  • Computer connected to the internet with Switch Off running and Web Interface enabled (see above).
  • Mobile phone with WAP browser version 1.1 or later. Read your phone manual to ensure of it.

Then you should connect your mobile phone to the internet. If you don't know how to do it, contact your phone service provider, they should help. When you are connected, enter URL (IP address) of your computer (see above)into your mobile phone. That's all, now you should see an actions menu or login page (if you enabled password protection).

Appearance of menu and login pages in your mobile phone is fully customizable. These files have .WML extension, and located with other Web interface files (see above).

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