Create a File

File Service

Create a File


This operation allows you to create a new named file in the servers storage folder. If the file already exists the operation will fail.


HTTP method






Request headers

Host: <server_dns_or_ip>

Accept: <mime_type>

Content-Length: <int>

Content-Type: text/plain

Content-Length: <length>


Request body

A string containing the records from the text file.


Response headers

Content-Length: <int>

Date: <date_time>

Server: Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0


Response body

A JSON or XML string containing the full file spec of the file on the server.


HTTP result codes

HTTP 200 (OK) indicates that the file was created.

HTTP 403 (forbidden) indicates that the file already existed and was NOT updated.



Response Data Format


The format of the returned data is determined by the value of the HTTP Accept header that you pass.


Response Format


JSON string


XML string



If you do not pass an Accept header then the default response will be a JSON array.