About Windows Installer Database Files


About Windows Installer Database Files

Sconfig works with Microsoft Windows Installer database files (.msi and .mst) to let you create tailored installations of Hummingbird software for users with different needs.

Microsoft Software Installation Files (.msi)

Microsoft Windows Installer uses Microsoft Software Installation files (.msi) to install the Hummingbird product. An installation file is a database file that contains default installation information specifying which product components are installed and in which directories.

Microsoft Transform Files (.mst)

When a user alters an installation in Microsoft Windows Installer, the changes are not applied directly to the installation files, but stored in another file called a Microsoft Transform file (.mst). Like the installation (.msi) file, the Microsoft Transform file is a relational database with information about product components and installation directories, but the transform file contains only the amendments a user wants to apply to the default settings contained in the installation file. The result is a customized installation.

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