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[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

Information and Guides

The most recent version of this help file and other guides on MAML and XML comments can be download from the Sandcastle Help File Builder project on CodePlex.

Discussion Groups, Blogs, Etc.

Build and Project Management Tools

Third-Party Build Components

  • The Sandcastle Help File Builder contains the following custom build components:

    • The Code Block Component used to colorize code blocks and add optional line numbering and collapsible sections.

    • The Help Attributes Component used to insert additional HTML Help 2 attributes into reference topics.

    • The IntelliSense Component used to generate XML comments files for use as IntelliSense in Visual Studio.

    • The Show Missing Documentation Component used to add "missing documentation" notes to reference topics and to auto-document constructors.

    • A set of cached build data components that cache key information such as comment, reflection index information, and MSDN URLs across builds in order to speed them up.

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