SQL Server Native Client Configuration Properties (Flags Tab)

SQL Server Configuration Manager

Microsoft SQL Server clients on this machine, communicate with SQL Server servers using the protocols provided in the SQL Server Native Client library file. This page provides configures the client computer to request an encrypted connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). If an encrypted connection cannot be established, the connection will fail.

The login process is always encrypted. The options below apply only to encrypting data. For more information about how SQL Server encrypts communication and for instructions on how to configure the client to trust the root authority of the server certificate, see "Encrypting Connections to SQL Server" and "How to: Enable Encrypted Connections to the Database Engine (SQL Server Configuration Manager)" in SQL Server Books Online.


Force protocol encryption

Request a connection using SSL.

Trust Server Certificate

When set to No, the client process attempts to validate the server certificate. The client and server must have each have a certificate issues from a public certification authority. If the certificate is not present on the client computer, or if the validation of the certificate fails, the connection is terminated.

When set to Yes, the client does not validate the server certificate, thereby enabling the use of a self-signed certificate.

Trust Server Certificate is only available if Force protocol encryption is set to Yes.