Downloading the Code

SQL Replication

Downloading the Code


There are two ways to obtain the code for the environment:


1.Clone the GIT repository.

2.Download the code in a ZIP file.


Cloning the GIT Repository


1.Ensure that you have GIT for Windows command line tools installed.

2.Open a Windows command prompt and move to the folder where you would like to download the code (a new sub-folder will be created automatically when you clone the repository).

3.Execute the following GIT command: git clone



Downloading the Code in a ZIP File


1.Use a web browser and go to 

2.Click the green Clone or Download button ans select Download Zip.

3.Extract the zip fine in your chosen location.


Setting up the Environment


After obtaining the code there is a one-time setup step that you will need to follow. The commands for this are in a batch file named setup.bat that you will find in the root folder of the development environment. Open a command prompt, go to the root folder and execute the batch file. The batch file does the following things:


1.Loads the repository schema into a repository database in the RPS folder.

2.Loads two sample ISAM files in the DAT folder.

3.Creates the replicator queue ISAM file in the DAT folder.