Signing On / Signing Off

Sage Accpac ERP Web

Signing On / Signing Off

If this is the first time you have opened Sage ERP Accpac on the browser, you must first install the Sage ERP Accpac Web Session Manager and download Web client setup files before you can sign on to a company database. Please go to the instructions about downloading these files and then return to this topic.

After downloading the above files, open your company database following the instructions below:

To Sign On

  1. Enter the URL of your Sage ERP Accpac server in the browser address bar.

Note: You must be using Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

  1. Click the Sign On tab on the Welcome screen.

  1. Enter your User ID and password in the Sage ERP Accpac Company Signon dialog box. (Note that users must have passwords to open a company database in a Web browser.)

  2. Choose a company from the list in the Company field.

  3. Enter a session date or leave the default, then click OK.


If the user is not recognized by the Sage ERP Accpac server, the Web Server Signon dialog box appears (before the company signon dialog box appears). You must enter an ID, password, and domain name in the Web Server Signon dialog box or the Company Signon dialog box will not appear.

To Sign Off

  1. Click the Sign Off tab.

  2. Answer Yes to the question, "Are you sure you want to sign off the current session?".

  3. This ends your Sage ERP Accpac session.

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