The File Menu Items

Scoring Engine Tool v3.0.1

The File Menu items


The Save menu item saves the current settings (does not prompt for file name or directory).

Save As

The Save As menu item allows the user to specify a name and directory to save the Scoring Engine's current configuration.

Load Saved Configuration

The Load Saved Configuration menu item allows the user to specify a directory and open a Scoring Engine configuration file.

Clear Configuration

The Clear Configuration menu item will reset all settings the user has set in all tabs.

Match System Settings

The Match System Settings menu item will change all settings in the program to match the configuration on the current operating system. It will clear any Scoring checkboxes.

About Scoring Engine

The About Scoring Engine displays associations and developer information.

Release to Students

The Release to Students menu item will bring the current computer or virtual machine into a state that is ready for CyberPatriot students to practice on. The current configuration will be saved and the Coach Configuration Tool and its associated desktop shortcut will be deleted to ensure that students cannot use this tool for guidance in configuring the operating system. This action cannot be undone, so it should only be chosen if all settings are ready to be saved and no more changes need to be made to the Scoring Engine.


Exit will close the Coach Configuration Tool. This will not terminate the Scoring Engine background process.

Click the checkbox on the top left (under the File menu) to automatically save the current configuration on exit.