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SdfIExtendedSelect Class Reference

#include <IExtendedSelect.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file IExtendedSelect.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ClearOrderingOptions ()=0
 Clears the internal list of property/ordering option list and re-sets the ordering option for all the ordering properties to the default FdoOrderingOption_Ascending or to the ordering option specified by the FdoIBaseSelect interface.
virtual SdfIScrollableFeatureReaderExecuteScrollable (const wchar_t *sdfCacheFile, FdoDataPropertyDefinitionCollection *extendedProps, FdoPropertyValueCollection *extendedDefaults)=0
 Returns a SdfIScrollableFeatureReader object.
virtual SdfIScrollableFeatureReaderExecuteScrollable ()=0
 Returns a SdfIScrollableFeatureReader object.
virtual FdoOrderingOption GetOrderingOption (FdoString *propertyName)=0
 Returns the ordering option.
virtual void SetCompareHandler (SdfCompareHandler *handler)=0
 The compare handle that should be derived from the SdfCompareHandler class.
virtual void SetOrderingOption (FdoString *propertyName, FdoOrderingOption option)=0
 FdoOrderingOption_Ascending is the default value.

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