contributors - Ruby 2.2.4 Language Reference API Reference

Ruby 2.2 Language

Contributors to Ruby

The following list might be imcomplete. Feel free to add your name if your patch was accepted into Ruby.


Ayumu AIZAWA (ayumin)

  • committer

AKIYOSHI, Masamichi (akiyoshi)

  • committer

  • He had maintained the VMS support on 2003-2004.

Muhammad Ali

  • wrote rdoc for Fiber

Minero Aoki (aamine)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • fileutils

    • net/http, net/https

    • net/pop

    • net/smtp

    • racc

    • ripper

    • strscan

Wakou Aoyama (wakou)

  • committer

  • He was the maintainer of some standard libraries.

Koji Arai

  • committer


  • He is the distributor of ActiveScriptRuby and experimental 1.9.0-x installers for win32.

  • Wrote patches for win32ole, gc.c, tmpdir.rb


Daniel Berger

  • a patch for irb

  • documentation

  • He wrote forwardable.rb

David Black (dblack)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of scanf

Ken Bloom

  • a patch for REXML.

Oliver M. Bolzer

  • a patch for soap

Alexey Borzenkov

  • a patch for mkmf.rb

Richard Brown

  • a patch for

Dirkjan Bussink

  • a patch for date.rb

Daniel Bovensiepen

  • documentation

  • a patch for irb


Brian Candler

  • a patch for, net/telnet

keith cascio

  • a patch for optparse.rb

Frederick Cheung

  • a patch for test/ruby/test_symbol.rb


  • patches for set.rb

Sean Chittenden

  • pathces for net/http, cgi

William D. Clinger

  • ruby_strtod is based on his paper.


Ryan Davis (ryan)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of miniunit

Guy Decoux (ts)

  • committer

Zach Dennis

Martin Duerst (duerst)

  • committer

  • M17N

Paul Duncan

  • pathces for rdoc

Alexander Dymo

  • a patch for lib/benchmark.rb


Yusuke Endoh (mame)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of base64 library (1.9)

  • did much upon YARV compiler.


  • wrote Integer::gcd2


Frank S.Fejes

  • a patch for net/pop

Fundakowski Feldman

  • a patch for process.c

Mauricio Fernandez

  • patches for parse.y

David Flanagan (davidflanagan)

  • committer

  • M17N

Takeyuki Fujioka (xibbar)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of cgi/*


  • a patch for tracer.rb

Shota Fukumori (sorah)

  • committer

  • #4415 parallel unit/test

Tadayoshi Funaba (tadf)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of

    • date

    • parsedate (1.8)

  • He ported rational.rb and complex.rb, which 1.8 contains, into rational.c and complex.c of 1.9.


David M. Gay

  • ruby_strtod

Florian Gilcher

  • documentation

GOTOU, Kentaro (gotoken)

  • committer

  • He wrote benchmark.rb

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • benchmark.rb

    • open3

GOTOU, Yuuzou (gotoyuzo)

  • committer

James Edward Gray II (jeg2)

  • committer

  • He wrote the faster implementation of CSV and is the maintainer of csv.

  • Wrote documentation for rdoc


Phil Hagelberg

  • patch for ruby-mode.el's documentation.

Kirk Haines (wyhaines)

  • committer

  • the maintainer of ruby_1_8_6 branch

Shinichiro Hamaji

  • fixed memory leaks (marshal.c, string.c)

Shin-ichiro HARA

  • the developer and the sysop of ruby-{dev,list,core,talk} archive.

  • a patch for numeric.c

Chris Heath (traumdeutung)

  • a patch for proc.c


  • fixed socket/socket.c

Daniel Hob

  • He wrote:

    • SMTP-TLS support for net/smtp.

    • POP3S support

Eric Hodel (drbrain)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • rdoc

    • ri

    • rubygems

Erik Hollensbe

  • a patch for delegate.rb

Johan Holmberg

  • a patch for dir.c

  • documentation

Erik Huelsmann

Dae San Hwang

  • built a continuous integration environment on OpenSolaris.


Nobuhiro IMAI

  • a patch for logger.rb


  • a patch for sprintf.c

Keiju Ishitsuka (keiju)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of:

    • cmath.rb (1.9)

    • complex.rb (1.8)

    • e2mmap.rb

    • forwardable.rb

    • irb

    • mathn

    • matrix.rb

    • mutex_m.rb

    • rational.rb (1.8)

    • sync.rb

    • shell/*

    • thwait.rb

    • tracer.rb


Curtis Jackson

  • missing/dup2.c

Alan Johnson

  • a patch for net/ftp

Lyle Johnson

  • patches for nkf, bigdecimal, numeric.c


Yoshihiro Kambayashi

  • a patch for enc/trans/single_byte.trans.

  • He wrote supports for some encodings.

Yutaka Kanemoto

  • patches for, AIX AF_INET6 support

Motoyuki Kasahara

  • He wrote getoptlong.rb

Masahiro Kawato

  • a patch for shellwords.rb

Wataru Kimura

  • a patch for

Michael Klishin

  • patch for make help.

Noritada Kobayashi

  • a patch for optparse.rb

Shigeo Kobayashi (shigek)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of bigdecimal

KONISHI, Hiromasa (H_Konishi)

  • committer

  • He had maintained the bcc32 support in 2004.

Kornelius “murphy” Kalnbach

  • documentation

K.Kosako (kosako)

  • committer

  • He wrote Oniguruma.

Takehiro Kubo

  • patches for dl 64bit support.


Marc-Andre Lafortune (marcandre)

  • committer

  • patches for hash.c, array.c, thread.c, enumc, string.c, range.c and rdoc documentation.

Hongli Lai

  • improved pstore.rb

  • patch for tool/file2lastrev.rb.

raspberry lemon

  • a patch for webrick/httpproxy.rb.

Christian Loew

  • a patch for fileutils.rb


Shugo Maeda (shugo)

  • committer

  • A system administrator of servers.

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of:

    • monitor.rb

    • net/ftp

    • net/imap

Stephan Maka (mathew)

  • documentation

Yukihiro Matsumoto (matz)

  • Matz – the founder, language designer of Ruby.

  • committer

  • Ruby itself, most of Ruby.

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • singleton

    • timeout

    • gdbm

    • sdbm

Konrad Meyer

  • documentation

Mib Software

  • missing/vsnprintf.c

Todd C. Miller

  • missing/strlcat.c

  • missing/strlcpy.c


  • a patch for cgi.rb

Stefan Monnier

  • regex.c was fixed with based on his Emacs21 patch.

Marcel Moolenaar

  • patches for eval.c and gc.c.


  • a patch for REXML, xmlrpc

Hiroshi Moriyama

  • a patch for yaml.

Kyosuke Morohashi

  • a patch for gem_prelude.rb

Kenta Murata

  • patches for json, bignum.c

Akinori MUSHA (knu)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of:

    • abbrev.rb

    • generator (1.8)

    • enumerator (1.8)

    • set

    • ipaddr.rb

    • digest/*

    • syslog

  • He is the branch maintainer of ruby_1_8, the release manager of 1.8 series.


Hidetoshi NAGAI (nagai)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of tk/*

Nobuyoshi Nakada (nobu)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. the “patch monster”

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of:

    • optparse

    • stringio

    • io/wait

    • iconv

Satoshi Nakagawa

  • patches for util.c

Narihiro Nakamura (nari)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. authorNari

  • working at GC

NAKAMURA, Hiroshi (nahi)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • csv.rb (1.8)

    • logger.rb

    • soap/* (1.8)

    • wsdl/* (1.8)

    • xsd/* (1.8)

NAKAMURA, Usaku (usa)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. unak

  • He is the maintainer of mswin32 and mswin64 support.

NARUSE, Yui (naruse)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. “nurse”

  • Did much upon m17n.

  • He is the maintainer of:

    • json

    • nkf

Christian Neukirchen

  • a patch for webrick/httputils

Michael Neumann (mneumann)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of

    • xmlrpc (1.8)

    • gserver (1.8)

NISHIO Hirokazu

  • wrote a patch for CVE-2010-0541

Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA (kazu)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. znz

Go Noguchi

Martin Nordholts

  • misc/rdebug.el


  • a patch for socket



  • He is a sysop of the Ruby Reference Manual Renewal Project.

  • fixed ipaddr.rb, ext/etc

Haruhiko Okumura

  • some of missing/* is based on his book:

    • missing/erf.c

    • missing/lgamma_r.c

    • missing/tgamma.c

OMAE, jun

  • a patch for debug.rb

Eugene Ossintsev

  • documentation


Heesob Park

  • a patch for win32/win32.c.


  • a patch for instruby.rb



Gaston Ramos

  • documentation

The Regents of the University of California

  • missing/crypt.c

  • missing/vsnprintf.c

Sam Roberts

  • patch for socket

  • documentation

Michal Rokos (michal)

  • committer

  • He was the maintainer of DJGPP support.


  • a patch for io.c

Marcus Rueckert

  • a patch for mkconfig.rb.

Run Paint Run Run

  • patch for enc/unicode.c

  • documentation

Sean Russell (ser)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of REXML.


Kazuo Saito (ksaito)

  • committer

  • M17N

Tadashi Saito

  • patches for test/ruby/test_math.rb, thread_*.c, bignum.c

  • working upon BigDecimal.

  • did much upon documentation

Masahiro Sakai

  • a patch for io.c

Laurent Sansonetti

  • a patch for tool/ytab.sed

Jeff Saracco

  • documentation

Koichi Sasada (ko1)

  • committer

  • He wrote YARV.

Hugh Sasse

  • a patch for net/http

  • documentation

Charlie Savage

  • a patch for win32/Makefile.sub

Michael Scholz

  • a patch for ruby-mode.el

Arthur Schreiber

  • patch for net/http and rdoc.

Masatoshi SEKI (seki)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of:

    • drb/*

    • erb

    • rinda

Roman Shterenzon

  • a patch for open-uri.

Kent Sibilev

Gavin Sinclair (gsinclair)

  • committer

John W. Small

  • He wrote gserver.rb

Yuki Sonoda (yugui)

  • committer

  • She is the maintainer of man/* manual pages and is the release manager of 1.9 series.

  • She wrote prime.rb.

  • A developer and a sysop of

SOUMA, Yutaka

  • a patch for pack.c.

Tatsuki Sugiura

  • WebDAV support for net/http

Masaki Suketa (suke)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of win32ole


  • patches for ruby.c, thread.c, stringio, enum.c, webrick, net/http

Siena. (siena)

  • committer

Kirill A. Shutemov

  • a patch for parse.y

Darren Smith

  • a patch for golf_prelude.rb

Richard M. Stallman

  • missing/alloca.c

Robin Stocker

  • documentation

Adam Strzelecki

  • a patch for compile.c

Masashi Sumi

  • improved net/pop.rb

Eric Sunshine

  • NeXT OpenStep, Rhapsody support

Kouhei Sutou (kou)

  • committer

  • He wrote and is the maintainer of rss/*

David Symonds

  • documentation


TAKANO Mitsuhiro (takano32)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of IA-64 support.

  • BigDecimal

TAKAO, Kouji (kouji)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of readline.

Nathaniel Talbott (ntalbott)

  • committer

  • He was the maintainer of test/unit, runit, rubyunit.

TANAKA, Akira (akr)

  • committer

  • Did much upon m17n.

  • And he is the maintainer of:

    • open-uri

    • pathname

    • pp

    • resolv-replace

    • resolv

    • time

    • tsort

Takaaki Tateishi (ttate)

  • committer

  • He was the maintainer of dl

Technorama Ltd. (technoroma)

  • committer

  • openssl

Andrew Thompson

  • a patch for socket.c IRIX support.

Dave Thomas (dave)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. the Pragmatic Programmer.

  • He wrote rdoc.


  • patches for win32 support

Masahiro Tomita

  • a patch for cgi.rb

Jakub Travnik

  • a patch for eval.c

Tom Truscott

  • missing/crypt.c


UEDA, Satoshi

  • a patch for uri

Takaaki Uematsu (uema2)

  • committer

  • He was the maintainer of WinCE support.

UENO, Katsuhiro (katsu)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of zlib


  • He wrote ipaddr.rb

URABE, Shyouhei (shyouhei)

  • committer

  • a.k.a. mput.

  • He is the branch maintainer of ruby_1_8_6 and ruby_1_8_7

  • and is the release manager of 1.8.x-pXXX.


Joel VanderWerf

  • a patch for numeric.c

Peter Vanbroekhoven

Corinna Vinschen


wanabe (wanabe)

  • committer

  • fixed YARV and Oniguruma.

Chun Wang

  • a patch for time.rb

WATANABE, Hirofumi (eban)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of

    • ftools (1.8)

    • tmpdir

    • un

    • Win32API


  • a patch for ruby.c

William Webber (wew)

  • committer

Jim Weirich (jim)

  • committer

  • He wrote Rake.

Nathan Weizenbaum

  • fixed misc/ruby-mode.el.

why the lukky stiff (why)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of syck

Caley Woods

  • documentation

Gary Wright

  • documentation



Akira Yamada (akira)

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer of ruby related packages at Debian project.

Keita Yamaguchi

  • patches for enum.c, parse.y

  • documentation

Hirokazu Yamamoto (ocean)

  • committer

Hirotaka Yoshioka

  • a patch for improving SEGV handling


Aristarkh A Zagorodnikov

  • a patch for io.c

Alexander Zavorine

  • committer

  • He is the maintainer for Symbian OS.

Chiyuan Zhang

  • a patch for misc/ruby-mode.el.

Dee Zsombor (zunda)

  • a patch for thread_pthread.c

Dan Zwell

  • a patch for net/pop