Playing the Game


Playing the Game

The object of Reversi is to finish the game with more of your red circles on the board than the computer has of blue. (Monochrome monitors will show red as white and blue as black.)

Playing Reversi involves:

Choosing a Skill Level

*Choose a skill level from the Skill menu.

The higher the skill level, the longer the computer spends calculating its moves.

Making a Move

1Move the pointer to a free square.

The pointer changes to a cross if you can make a legal move. To make a legal move, at least one of the computer's circles must lie in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line between one of your existing circles and the square where you want to move.

2Click the square where you want to move.

Or press Enter.

3Wait for the computer to move. Then make another move.

Getting a Hint

*Choose Hint from the Game menu.

The hint depends on the skill level selected. At higher skill levels, the computer takes more time before giving a hint. You can accept the suggestion or move elsewhere.

Passing Your Turn

*Choose Pass from the Game menu.

You can choose Pass on your first move to force the computer to play first. After that, you cannot choose Pass if you can make a legal move.

Starting a New Game

*Choose New from the Game menu.

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