Port Number


Port Number

By default, Qedit/UX listens on port number 7395.  This port number has been registered with the Internet Naming Authority, so you should not have any conflicts with other HP-UX tools for the same port number.  If there is a conflict, you can start the Qedit server process with a different port number. For example,

qedit -d5678

tells Qedit to listen to port number 5678 instead of the default number (7395).  If you change the port number on the Qedit/UX server, you must also change the port number on every Qedit client to the same value (5678 in this example).  Client port numbers can be changed in the Server Settings dialog box of the Options menu.

If you want listings from netstat and other networking tools to identify the port number as "qwin" instead of just "7395," you have to change the /etc/services file so that it includes the Qedit port number.

qwin    7395/tcp     #Robelle Qedit for Windows