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Command line reference

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Command line reference

Process Hacker supports a limited number of command line options, listed below.

-settings filename

This option allows you to specify the location of Process Hacker's settings file. filename can be a relative path, in which case the current working directory at startup is used as the base.

ProcessHacker.exe -settings settings.xml


Disables settings. Settings are set to their defaults at startup, and no settings are saved.


Disables plugins, even if the "Enable plugins" option is set.


Starts a new instance of Process Hacker, even if the "Allow only one instance" option is set.


Forces Process Hacker's main window to be displayed at startup, even if the "Start hidden" option is enabled.


Hides Process Hacker's main window at startup, even if the "Start hidden" option is disabled.


Prompts for elevation if Process Hacker is not started with elevated privileges.

-c -ctype objecttype -cobject object -caction action -cvalue value

Enables command mode. The status of the operation is returned in the exit status of the process.

Possible values of objecttype:

  • "process". object is the process ID, and action can be "terminate", "suspend", "resume", "priority", "iopriority" or "pagepriority".
  • "service". object is the service name, and action can be "start", "continue", "pause", "stop" or "delete".
  • "thread". object is the thread ID, and action can be "terminate", "suspend" or "resume".


ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype process -cobject 1424 -caction terminate
ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype process -cobject 5896 -caction priority -cvalue high
ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype service -cobject Winmgmt -caction pause


Enables silent mode. No error messages are displayed for command mode, -installkph and -uninstallkph.


Enters run-as-service mode. This is used internally by the Run As command.


Disables KProcessHacker. Process Hacker will not attempt to load the driver or connect to it.


Installs KProcessHacker as a System Start service.


Deletes the KProcessHacker service.


Shows the debug console early in the startup process.

-showoptions -hwnd parentwindow -point x,y

Displays the Advanced tab of the options window only. parentwindow specifies the parent window handle in hexadecimal and x,y specifies the location of the options window.


Enters phsvc mode. This exposes a LPC-based API currently used by Process Hacker for tasks that require elevation.

-priority r|h|n|l

Sets the priority of Process Hacker to realtime (r), high (h), normal (n) or idle (l).

-selectpid pid

Selects pid in a new or existing instance of Process Hacker.

-sysinfo section

Opens the System Information window at startup, and optionally navigates to the specified section.