What are Text Clips?

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What are Text Clips?

Text clips are text fragments that are easily inserted into your code. Programmer's Notepad ships with a variety of text clips representing common programming languages such as C or ASP.NET, or common character sets such as the symbols associated with HTML. Text Clips are easily extensible so you may modify any existing Text Clip library or extend the model to create your own Text Clip files.


To create a text clips file use the Text Clip Creator application.

Click the link above to download this useful tool. Note that it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to run.

Text Clips are stored as .clips files. These files are located in the Clips folder beneath the folder where the Programmer's Notepad executable is installed (generally \Program Files\Programmer's Notepad). The files are standard XML documents and may be manipulated using any text or XML editor.

Any properly formatted XML file with a .clips extension which is located in the Clips folder will load into the Text Clips window whenever Programmer's Notepad is started.