Files Class

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Files Class

Static helpers for handling files.
Inheritance Hierarchy
SystemObject  NSG.Library.HelpersFiles

Namespace:  NSG.Library.Helpers
Assembly:  NSG.Library.Helpers (in NSG.Library.Helpers.dll) Version: (
public static class Files
Public NotInheritable Class Files
public ref class Files abstract sealed
type Files =  class end

The Files type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberByteArrayToFile
Write a file from an in-memory a byte array.
Public methodStatic memberDeleteFile
Delete the file
Public methodStatic memberFileNameCleaner
Remove the following reserved characters and replace with a space. (less than) > (greater than) : (colon) " (double quote) / (forward slash) \ (backslash) | (vertical bar or pipe) ? (question mark) * (asterisk) , (comma) (amperstand)
Public methodStatic memberFileToByteArray
Read a file into a in-memory byte array.
Public methodStatic memberMakeDirectory
Make a directory
Public methodStatic memberTempFileName
Create a temporary file name.
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