NI Vision Builder ActiveX


Single inspection.


CreationDate Date the inspection was created on the target.
DefaultImage Image returned from the inspection.
Description Description of the inspection.
LastModifiedDate Date the inspection was last changed and saved.
Name Name of the inspection.
States Collection of states in the inspection.
Target Target that contains the inspection.


CloseInspection Closes the inspection on the target.
GetStatistics Retrieves the latest inspection statistics.
Inspect Runs the inspection once synchronously.
RefreshLimits Refreshes the NIVBAIStep.Limits information for each step, passing in the most recent limits.
RefreshResults Refreshes NIVBAISteps.Results with the most recent inspection results.
ResetStatistics Resets the inspection statistics.
StartInspection Runs the inspection asynchronously in a loop.
StopInspection Stops the inspection if it is looping asynchronously.