Select Menu from Project Library File Dialog Box

LabView Project Library Select Menu

Select Menu from Project Library File Dialog Box

Installed With: Base Package

In the Insert Subpalette dialog box, select the Link to palette file in a project library option, and select a LabVIEW project library from the file dialog box to display this dialog box. If the project library does not own a menu file, the dialog box does not display.

Use this dialog box to select a project library menu file to add to the palettes.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Available Project Library Menu Files—Lists the menu files that are part of the project library. If a project library includes duplicate menu files, this list includes only the first instance of the menu file. LabVIEW searches each level of the list, starting with the top-most level, to find the first instance.
  • Always use the default project library menu—Specifies whether to use the Default Menu for the project library. Use the Project Library Properties dialog box to set the default menu.
  • Default Menu—Lists the default menu for the project library.