Z Scale Property

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Z Scale Property

Short Name: ZScale

Installed With: Base Package

Class: IntensityChart Properties

Reference to the Z-Scale.

You can use this reference with the ColorGraphScale properties.

This property is similar to the Z Scale item on the shortcut menu of an intensity chart.

This property is similar to the Z-Axis option on the Scales page of the Intensity Chart Properties dialog box.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Available in Run-Time Engine and Real-Time Operating SystemYes
PermissionsRead Only
Settable when the VI is runningNo
Loads the front panel into memoryNo
Need to authenticate before useNo
Loads the block diagram into memoryNo
Remote access disallowedNo
Must wait until user interface is idleNo
Available with control VIsNo
Available with global VIsNo
Available with strict type definitionsNo
Available with polymorphic VIsNo