Using Attributes with NI-HWS

NI Hierarchical Waveform Storage

Using Attributes with NI-HWS

NI-HWS contains high-level functions and VIs that set most of the waveform storage attributes.

Some attributes, such as the units or the label for a waveform axis, are not accessible through the high-level functions and VIs. The values for these attributes must be set using a Set Attribute function.

Accessing Attributes

In LabVIEW, you can access attributes with the Get and Set Attribute VIs. A pair of Get and Set VIs exists for both the Group attributes and the Waveform attributes.

In C, attributes are accessed with the Get and Set Attribute functions.

Refer to the NI-HWS VI Reference or the NI-HWS C Function Reference for a complete listing of available attributes.