Using the Configuration Import Wizard

NI Configuration Import/Export Wizard

Using the Configuration Import Wizard

Use the Configuration Import Wizard to copy saved configuration data from a file to a system. To start the Configuration Import Wizard, select the File┬╗Import menu option.

The first page of the wizard lists the installed National Instruments products that support the wizard. The list varies depending on which products are installed. If an installed product does not appear in this list, an updated version that supports the wizard may be available on the National Instruments Web site, which you can access using the Tools┬╗National Instruments Product Updates menu selection.

You must have the corresponding product installed for the configuration data that you are importing. For example, to import an NI-DAQmx task, you must have NI-DAQmx installed.

You can import to the local system or to a remote system. If you import to a remote system, the wizard sends the configuration data over the network to the remote system. Importing to a remote system requires that the product be installed on both local and remote systems. Some products may also require that identical versions of the product be installed in both places.

You can specify a remote system using the supplied drop-down list or by entering an IP address.

The second page of the wizard shows the data that is available to be copied. Select the data for copying by clicking the checkboxes next to the data items.

The second wizard page also shows warnings and conflicts for the data. Warnings and conflicts appear to the right of the data.

Some warnings allow user input. For example, when importing device configuration data to a system that has multiple compatible devices, a warning appears that allows you to select the destination device. You can click on the text underlined in blue to see a drop-down list of the available devices from which to choose. The configuration data of the selected device is then overwritten when you import.