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The CNiValuePair object configures an individual value pair, which consists of a name and a value. Use value pairs on the axes of knob, slide, or graph controls to associate a symbolic name with a value on the axis.

You also can use value pairs on the slide and knob control to implement a value-pairs-only control, which limits the valid values of the control to these value pairs.

You must initialize a CNiValuePair object from an existing object. If you do not initialize a CNiValuePair object from an existing object, a CNiObjectNotInUsableState exception will be thrown when you attempt to manipulate the instance of the CNiValuePair.

Note: To specify a date/time value, you must convert your date or time value to a double. A date is implemented as a floating-point value with the integer part of the number measuring days from midnight, 30 December 1899, and the fractional part representing the time of day. The absolute value of the fractional part of the number represents the time as a fraction of a day. Thus, 1 second equals 1 / 24 hours / 60 minutes, which is 1/86400 or approximately 1.157407e-5. So, midnight, 31 December 1899, is represented by 1.0. Similarly, 6 AM, 1 January 1900, is represented by 2.25, and midnight, 29 December 1899, is -1.0. However, 6 AM, 29 December 1899, is -1.25.

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Public data CString Name Associated name.
Public data double Value Associated value.

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Public constructor


Default constructor.
Public constructor

CNiValuePair( CWValuePair_CI* pCustom, CNiInterface::ThreadAccess option )

Constructor that attaches to the specified CWValuePair_CI pointer.
Public constructor

CNiValuePair( const CNiValuePair& source )

Copy constructor.

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Public destructor



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Public function static const IID &


Returns the globally unique identifier (GUID) of the ActiveX interface to which this class connects.
Public function const CNiValuePair &

operator =( const CNiValuePair& source )

Assignment operator.