Storage Client Library for Windows Phone (Version 7.0)

Microsoft Windows Azure Storage Blob


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass BlobContainerPermissions

Represents the permissions for a container.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobContainerProperties

Represents the system properties for a container.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobContinuationToken

Represents a continuation token for listing operations.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobEncryptionPolicy

Represents an encryption policy for performing envelope encryption/decryption of Azure blobs.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobProperties

Represents the system properties for a blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobRequestOptions

Represents a set of timeout and retry policy options that may be specified for a request against the Blob service.

System_CAPS_pubclass BlobResultSegment

Represents a segment of IListBlobItem results, with continuation information for pagination scenarios.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudAppendBlob

Represents an append blob, a type of blob where blocks of data are always committed to the end of the blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlob

Represents a blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlobClient

Provides a client-side logical representation of the Windows Azure Blob service. This client is used to configure and execute requests against the Blob service.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlobContainer

Represents a container in the Windows Azure Blob service.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlobDirectory

Represents a virtual directory of blobs, designated by a delimiter character.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlobStream

Represents a stream for writing to a blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudBlockBlob

Represents a blob that is uploaded as a set of blocks.

System_CAPS_pubclass CloudPageBlob

Represents a Windows Azure page blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContainerResultSegment

Represents a segment of CloudBlobContainer results and contains continuation and pagination information.

System_CAPS_pubclass CopyState

Represents the attributes of a copy operation.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListBlockItem

Represents a block retrieved from the blob's block list.

System_CAPS_pubclass PageDiffRange

Represents a range of pages in a page blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass PageRange

Represents a range of pages in a page blob.

System_CAPS_pubclass SharedAccessBlobHeaders

Represents the optional headers that can be returned with blobs accessed using SAS.

System_CAPS_pubclass SharedAccessBlobPolicies

Represents the collection of shared access policies defined for a container.

System_CAPS_pubclass SharedAccessBlobPolicy

Represents a shared access policy, which specifies the start time, expiry time, and permissions for a shared access signature.


Interface Description
System_CAPS_pubinterface ICloudBlob

An interface required for Windows Azure blob types. The CloudBlockBlob and CloudPageBlob classes implement the ICloudBlob interface.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IListBlobItem

Represents an item that may be returned by a blob listing operation.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum BlobContainerPublicAccessType

Specifies the level of public access that is allowed on the container.

System_CAPS_pubenum BlobListingDetails

Specifies which items to include when listing a set of blobs.

System_CAPS_pubenum BlobType

The type of a blob.

System_CAPS_pubenum BlockListingFilter

Indicates whether to list only committed blocks, only uncommitted blocks, or all blocks.

System_CAPS_pubenum BlockSearchMode

Indicates which block lists should be searched to find a specified block.

System_CAPS_pubenum ContainerListingDetails

Specifies which details to include when listing the containers in this storage account.

System_CAPS_pubenum CopyStatus

Represents the status of a copy blob operation.

System_CAPS_pubenum DeleteSnapshotsOption

The set of options describing delete operation.

System_CAPS_pubenum LeaseAction

Describes actions that can be performed on a lease.

System_CAPS_pubenum LeaseDuration

The lease duration of a resource.

System_CAPS_pubenum LeaseState

The lease state of a resource.

System_CAPS_pubenum LeaseStatus

The lease status of a resource.

System_CAPS_pubenum SequenceNumberAction

Describes actions that can be performed on a page blob sequence number.

System_CAPS_pubenum SharedAccessBlobPermissions

Specifies the set of possible permissions for a shared access policy.

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