Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle

.topic 4209 The name or identifier used by applications to call or use this data source. Blank by default, but required. .topic 4210 Descriptive qualifiers; blank by default. .topic 4201 The amount of data, in bytes, that the application will attempt to fetch at one time. .topic 4202 Type your database user name; this is your database user ID. .topic 4203 Sets the result set to a particular day-of-week format; ODBC or Oracle. .topic 4204 If selected, specifies that the driver returns Remarks columns for the SQLColumns result set. Clear this option for faster performance. .topic 4205 Specifies that the driver returns column information for SYNONYMS. .topic 4206 Type the connect string for the Oracle Server engine you want to access. .topic 4207 Click to choose a loaded data translator. .topic 4208 If selected, the SQLDescribeCol call returns 130 for the precision when that information is not provided by Oracle. Otherwise the driver returns 0 for these types of columns.