Save My Settings Wizard: Save or Restore Settings

Office Save My Settings Wizard

Save My Settings Wizard: Save or Restore Settings

This dialog allows you to choose whether you want to save your current Office settings for later use or restore previously saved settings to this computer.

Save the settings from this machine

This option instructs the wizard to capture user configuration settings from the Office applications installed on this computer. The configuration settings are saved to a profile settings (OPS) file that you will choose a name and location for in the next dialog.

The wizard does not create the OPS file until you click Finish.

Restore previously saved settings

Under this option, the wizard reads the OPS file you will choose in the next dialog and applies those settings to the computer currently running the Save My Settings Wizard.

The wizard does not apply application settings until you click Finish.

Localized versions of Windows

The use of the Save My Settings Wizard on localized operating systems can cause problems. For example, if a settings (OPS) file was created on a Japanese version of Windows and then is applied to a computer using a different language, some folders may not be found or used by the target operating system. This is due to the localization of some folder names looked for by the file used to save the settings. These folder names will not be found on the target computer receiving the OPS file. It is recommended you not apply OPS files from a localized version of a Windows operating system to a Windows operating system localized to a different language. However, the use of Windows operating system where languages are enabled (not a localized operating system) will work properly.