MQ2 API Namespaces


MQ2 API Namespaces

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The MQ2 API includes namespaces in order to provide logical divisions for finding variables, structures and classes that you may have difficulty finding otherwise. All of the namespaces are "used" so you do not actually need to use the :: scope operator unless you happen to use that method for looking through the namespaces. The current namespaces are as follows:

·EQClasses - Contains all classes from EQ (e.g. CBreathWnd, CBookWnd)  
·EQData - Contains all EQ class data structures (e.g. SPAWNINFO, CHARINFO) except for UI  
·EQUIStructs - Contains all EQ UI class data structures (e.g. CXWND, CSIDLWND)  
·MQ2Globals - Contains all MQ2 global variables (e.g. ppBreathWnd, ppBookWnd)  
·MQ2Internal - Contains all MQ2 internally used structures (e.g. MQCOMMAND, PARMLIST)  
·MQ2Prototypes - Contains all function prototypes (e.g. fEQCommand, fEQLoadSpells)  

In Visual Studio .NET you can browse through these in the Class View window. Expand MQ2Main and the namespaces appear. Then you try to find what you're looking for ;) Another way is to use the scope operator by typing out EQClasses:: and waiting for the context menu to pop up to scroll through.