UART: UART Struct Reference

Modbus RTU XMC47

UART Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Handler structure with pointers to dynamic and static parameters.

Definition at line 265 of file UART.h.

#include <UART.h>

Data Fields

XMC_USIC_CH_t *const channel
const UART_CONFIG_t *const config
UART_RUNTIME_t *const runtime

Field Documentation

const UART_CONFIG_t* const UART::config

UART configuration structure pointer

Definition at line 268 of file UART.h.

Referenced by UART_Init(), UART_Receive(), UART_SetBaudrate(), UART_SetRXFIFOTriggerLimit(), UART_SetTXFIFOTriggerLimit(), and UART_Transmit().

UART_RUNTIME_t* const UART::runtime
            Pointer to the structure holding all variables,

that can change at runtime

Definition at line 269 of file UART.h.

Referenced by UART_Init(), UART_IsRxBusy(), UART_IsTxBusy(), and UART_SetBaudrate().

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