Hummingbird Connectivity Language Chooser

Hummingbird Connectivity Language Chooser

Hummingbird Connectivity Language Chooser

Language Chooser lets you change the user interface language of your Hummingbird Connectivity product and its components.

When you select a language, Language Chooser updates your local user profile with the selection. Each Hummingbird Connectivity application reads this language setting upon startup and applies the specified language to the user interface. There are some exceptions:

  • Some Hummingbird Connectivity Services use only the default language settings because they do not have permission to read the current user’s profile settings.
  • Applications deployed using Hummingbird Deployment Wizard use the language settings specified in the deployment profile, not the Language Chooser setting.
  • Standard Windows dialog boxes use the default system language.

When you have configured the Language Chooser options, you can click Apply if you want to apply the changes but do not want to save and close. This is useful if you want to change the language temporarily for the current session. Otherwise, click OK to save the new setting and close Language Chooser.

  Some Connectivity applications or components require a restart for your language selection to take effect.

Language Selection Options

In the Language Selection Options area, you have two options for specifying a language:

  • You can use the same language as the operating system. This is the default setting. In this scenario, instead of reading the current user’s language settings, the application will read the Windows display language setting and match it if that language is installed.
  • You can specify a default language by selecting it from the list of languages. Though German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese are supported, a language is listed in Language Chooser only if it was selected for installation when the product was installed.
      If, during installation, you did not install a language that you now require, you must uninstall the Connectivity product and then select all required languages when you reinstall it.

Administrative Option

A third option is available to users with administrative rights on the machine. This option makes the language you selected in Language Chooser the default language for all users of the machine.

If you do not have administrative rights or if the installation (of the Hummingbird Connectivity product) is a “current user only” installation, the option is not available.