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ShpIExtendedSelect Class Reference

#include <IExtendedSelect.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file IExtendedSelect.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void ClearOrderingOptions ()=0
 This method clears the internal list of property/ordering option list and re-sets the ordering option for all the ordering properties to the default FdoOrderingOption_Ascending or to the ordering option specified by the FdoIBaseSelect interface.
virtual ShpIScrollableFeatureReaderExecuteScrollable ()=0
 Executes the select command and returns a ShpIScrollableFeatureReader. If ordering is enabled, then the returned reader is sorted according to the ordering collection. This method perform sorting in memory and allocates an integer value for each row.
virtual FdoOrderingOption GetOrderingOption (FdoString *propertyName)=0
 Gets the ordering option for a given property.
virtual void SetCompareHandler (ShpCompareHandler *handler)=0
 Set the compare handler. This method is used to override the default Shp compare handler.
virtual void SetOrderingOption (FdoString *propertyName, FdoOrderingOption option)=0
 Set the ordering option of the selection. This is only used if the ordering collection is not empty.

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