LOIC's NewFag Help


HiveMind - the IRC-LOIC

Someone made you an op and now you are interested how to exploit your PA? (OMFG how did z happen?)

EZ Grab

Just fill out your attack-options .. run a short test and hit F10! paste that in the topic - done!

boring Nerd-Stuff

First of all you need to have op-rights in the channel ... otherwise nobody listens to you directly .. at least you have to be able to change the topic.

Each command has to start with !lazor. If you want the attack to start append start to it .. stop to end the attack.
default set's the default values - use default as the the first command right after "!lazor" otherwise you end up resetting your own commands.
The commands available are: targetip= leave this as is (blank) unless you want to target a specific IP!
targethost=, timeout= (in seconds for // in milliseconds for and previous versions!)
subsite=, message= both need to be URL-encoded
port=, method= {TCP|UDP|HTTP|ReCoil|slowLOIC}, threads=, speed= {0..50}
wait=, random=, useget=, usegzip= all {true|false}


For backwards compability specify the ReCoil and SlowLOIC attack as follows: method=TCP method=ReCoil
Due to the change of the timeout it might be best to go with the default values!