About this document



About this document

This document is built from the HTML documentations available at java.sun.com. It is regularly updated, when new versions of original documentations become available. To download updates and many other WinHelp and HTMLHelp Java documentations for free, visit Franck Allimant's web site :

http://www.confluent.fr/javadoc/indexe.html (in English)

http://www.confluent.fr/javadoc (in French)


Comments and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to send them to Franck Allimant.


The original HTML documentation is available at java.sun.com. Please refer to this original documentation if you're not confident with the present document.

Due to some HTMLHelp limitations, there are some differences between this help file and the original HTML version of the documentation.

1. Java Applets

In most cases, Java 1 applets are running inside the HTMLHelp viewer, provided they're not embedded in the help (chm) file. They are stored in the applets directory, located at the same level as the help file. This folder is not required for browsing help, but if it is missing, applets will not be displayed.

Java 2 applets require the Java Plugin, which is not supported by the HTMLHelp viewer. These applets will not be displayed.

2. Documents that require a plugin

Plugins are not fully supported by the HTMLHelp viewer. Depending on the configuration of your machine, some problems may occur when viewing these files, for example PDF documents.

3. Multiple occurrences of an index keyword

If an index keyword points to more than one document, a page that lists all found occurrences is displayed. This page shows the title of every document in which the keyword appears, and if this keyword is a method, the parameters of this method. This detailed display has been preferred to the standard HTMLHelp "Topics Found" dialog box, to provide a faster and more efficient browsing of a large number of documents.

Thanks to...

a.do Consulting, for HtmlStreamTokenizer™, a compact, efficient and free HTML parser written in Java.

Doug Kramer at Sun, who authorized the distribution of this document.


This software is free. Permission to use, copy, and distribute this software for non-commercial purposes via the Internet without fee is hereby granted. Permission is not granted for any distribution in the form of CD-ROM [contact].

Sun's documentation redistribution policy is applicable to this document. Please see this page for details.

Copyright © 1997-2002, Franck Allimant