IniFile.ToKeyValuePair Method


IniFileToKeyValuePair Method

IniFileIO Documentation
Returns an array of key value pairs by Name for the currently loaded IniFileSections. The inner array of key value pairs is by IniFileKeyName for each IniFileSection.

This method supports multiple IniFileSections with the same Name value as well as a single IniFileSection which has multiple IniFileKeys with the same Name value.

Namespace:  IniFileIO
Assembly:  IniFileIO (in IniFileIO.dll) Version: (

public KeyValuePair<string, KeyValuePair<string, string>[]>[] ToKeyValuePair()
Public Function ToKeyValuePair As KeyValuePair(Of String, KeyValuePair(Of String, String)())()
array<KeyValuePair<String^, array<KeyValuePair<String^, String^>>^>>^ ToKeyValuePair()
member ToKeyValuePair : unit -> KeyValuePair<string, KeyValuePair<string, string>[]>[] 

Return Value

Type: KeyValuePairString, KeyValuePairString, String
An array of key value pairs with each IniFileSection's Name as the Key and SectionToKeyValuePair(IniFileSection) as the Value.
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