Introducing InetD Admin

InetD Admin

Introducing InetD Admin

InetD Admin is an administration tool that lets you control access to the server daemons on your PC. For each remote user, you assign a password to access your PC, specify the services the user can access (Telnet, Xstart, and FTP), and specify file access permissions.

InetD Admin is available only for Windows 95/98/Me systems, and is installed in the System Administration folder of your application. Windows NT and Windows 2000 systems have security features equivalent to InetD Admin.

Access information is stored in the InetD Password_file so daemon servers can verify user information. By default, the Password file is named password.hcl, and is saved in the following directory:


Each Password file entry contains a user name, an assigned password, setup information, and permissions.

You can use InetD Admin for typical user access management tasks, including:

  • creating new users
  • assigning access rights to new users
  • modifying or deleting user access rights
  • changing user passwords

The first time you open InetD Admin, you must create a list of remote users who are permitted to access your PC. For more information, see Creating a User List.

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