GLOBAL_CCU4: Architecture Description


Architecture Description

Architecture Description

Figure 1 : Architecture of GLOBAL_CCU4 APP

The diagram above represents the internal software architecture of the GLOBAL_CCU4 APP. A GLOBAL_CCU4 APP instance exists in a DAVEā„¢ project with fixed attributes as shown. Each instance of this APP configures one CCU4 module in the MCU. In addition, the APP requires the consumption of the CLOCK APP for its configuration and functioning. The GLOBAL_CCU4 APP also provides an output signal for inter-peripheral connections.

An instantiated APP (after code generation) generates a specific data structure with the GUI configuration. The name of this data structure can be modified by changing the APP instance label (e.g. change label from default GLOBAL_CCU4_0 to GLOBAL_CCU4_SVM).


The following table presents the signals provided by the APP for inter-peripheral connections:

Table 1: APP I/O signals

Signal Name Input/Output Availability Description
ccu4_global_start Output Always Global Synchronous Start:
This signal can be used to connect with top level APPs like PWM to start the timers synchronously.

APPS Consumed:

The following table presents the APPs consumed to support the functionality:

Table 2: APPs Consumed

APP Name Consumption Description
CLOCK_XMC4 Conditionally consumed.
For XMC4000 devices.
Initialise the clock settings.
CLOCK_XMC1 Conditionally consumed.
For XMC1000 devices.
Initialise the clock settings.