Synchronize with FTP/WebDAV (Windows)

FreeFileSync does not support accessing FTP volumes directly. But this functionality can be integrated by mapping the FTP web space to a drive letter:

Example: Use the free utility NetDrive (

  • Add a New Site and specify site name, site URL, drive letter, account and password.
  • Use the newly created drive as if it were a normal hard disk.
NoteMost FTP drives set a file's time stamp to the current time when synchronizing ignoring the source file's time and date. As a workaround you can do a Compare by File Size.

Synchronize with SFTP (Linux)

An SFTP share can be easily mapped onto a local folder for use with FreeFileSync:

  • Install:
    sudo apt-get install sshfs
  • Mount SFTP share:
    sshfs [email protected]:<path> mountpoint
  • Unmount:
    fusermount -u mountpoint