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DbUserReader Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file mgDbUserReader.h.

Public Member Functions

System::String * GetDomain ()
 Get the Windows domain name. Empty if not SQL Server Windows authenticated user.
System::String * GetName ()
 Get the user name.
NAMESPACE_OSGEO_COMMON::StringCollection * GetRolesOrPrivileges ()
NAMESPACE_OSGEO_COMMON::StringCollection * GetRolesOrPrivileges (System::String *dataStore)
 List of the roles or privileges assigned to the user.
System::Boolean ReadNext ()
 Advances the reader to the next item and returns true if there is another object to read or false if reading is complete. The default position of the reader is prior to the first item. Thus you must call ReadNext to begin accessing any data.

Protected Member Functions

System::Void ReleaseUnmanagedObject ()