Sage CRM Integration Activation

Sage 300 ERP

Sage CRM Integration Activation

After you install Sage 300 ERP Integration for Sage CRM, you must activate it.

You use the Data Activation dialog box to activate services and applications in Sage 300 ERP.

To activate Sage 300 ERP Integration for Sage CRM:

  1. Start Sage 300 ERP from your workstation.

  2. Log on as the ADMIN user in your company database. If security is activated in Sage 300 ERP, you need to enter the password for the ADMIN user.

  3. In System Manager's Administrative Services folder, click Data Activation.

  4. From the Applications list, select the appropriate version of Sage 300 ERP Integration for Sage CRM, and choose Activate. This opens the Sage CRM Integration Activation dialog box.

    1. In the Sage CRM Installation Name field, enter the name of your Sage CRM installation.

    2. Click Proceed to complete the activation. To cancel the activation, click Close on the Activation window.

Once activation is finished, and you close the Data Activation window, the Sage CRM folder appears on the Sage 300 ERP desktop.