The IOCTL Interface


The IOCTL Interface

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Applications software communicates with the CYUSB3.SYS driver primarily through the DeviceIoControl( ) function. (See the Windows SDK documentation for details about DeviceIoControl.)


Calls to DeviceIoControl require an IO Control (aka IOCTL) code parameter. The IOCTL codes define the programming interface that a driver supports and are particular to any given driver. The control code specified in a DeviceIoControl( ) call determines the values that must be specified for the other DeviceIoControl parameters.


This help file provides the IOCTL 'dictionary' for the CYUSB3.SYS driver.




DWORD dwBytes = 0;

UCHAR EndptAddress = 0x82;


DeviceIoControl(hDevice, IOCTL_ADAPT_RESET_PIPE,

              &EndptAddress, sizeof (EndptAddress),

              NULL, 0,

              &dwBytes, NULL);